Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Summer Mission...

In the past few months, our Sunday School class has "adopted" an apartment complex not far from our church.  The complex is low income housing with a lot of children.  We gather there on Saturday mornings, in their "recreation" area.  Our fearless leader, Deloris helps us prepare for the Bible study for Saturdays, and keeps up with all the supplies, tables, the all important goody box, and almost anything we need.  She spends her weeks being a wife and mother, but also spends time in prayer for this endeavor, and for the children.  There are about 10 - 15 of us there every Saturday morning at 10:00a until 11:00a, just as the Texas heat starts to beat down. There is one big shade tree, and we make the most of the comfort that it offers.  Someone brings bottles of water in an ice cooler, and a treat for the kids.  They are always so grateful, and make it all the way thru the Bible story, the recreation and craft project before they ask for that special treat that they know we will bring.

Each week, we meet for prayer, then set up the tables, and wait for the children to arrive.  Sometimes they are waiting for us,  but most of the time we wait for them.  Some are siblings, others come alone. Some have been to church, others have not. Some know that these lessons are important, others don't.
It always amazes me that in this day, in this country, there are people who do not know who Jesus Christ is...unfortunately in some homes His name is a curse word that some of these children have heard over and over.  There is a look of surprise on their faces when they learn that Jesus was, and is, a real person. But after a few of our little Bible study camps, the Word is beginning to sink in.  We see adults in open patio doors, and open windows, listening to our lesson, or to our singing. But when you look in their direction, they pretend to be doing something else. When doors are knocked on looking for more children or for adults who would like to come, people don't seem to be offended...they are polite, or just don't answer.  None the less, even if only one child meets us there in that recreation area,  we will be there.  One child saved by the Grace of more prayer warrior, one more soldier in the army of the Lord...who one day may be standing in the heat of a Texas summer, or on an African plain, or in a home church in China....winning one more child to Christ.

Fun Children's GroupFamily Holding Hands

John 1:12
Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—

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