Friday, November 2, 2012

Blessing, Blessing, Blessings...

I've mentioned, at least once, that I have grandchildren.  Nine of the little darlin's to be exact.  Every single one has a special place in Memaw & Papaw's heart.  Each one has created special memories, sweet memories...

Jake, our very first grandbaby. Aidan, reading by age 3, Adriana, our first granddaughter, Finley, the bestest hugs ever, Andres, the energy, oh my goodness, the energy, Breslyn, the beautiful blonde Breslyn, Owen, onery, cute, and so huggable. Then sweet and precious Cheyenne and Brooklyn came to us by marriage, filling our quiver.
Or so we thought !

                           Jason and Melony got married a year ago September 25th.
 They have three beautiful children, Jake (13), Cheyenne(11) and Brooklyn(8). They live some 50 miles or so from Fort Worth, and from us. Several weeks ago they told us that they were expecting our 10th grandchild. We are very happy for them and look forward to spoiling another of our many blessings.

One evening, Melony developed some problems and Jason took her to the Emergency Room.  She underwent a manual exam and the doctor assured them that the pregnancy was not in danger, but he wanted to do an ultrasound anyway.  She had been in her OB's office some 5 or 6 hours earlier and had a sonogram.  However, with the problems she had had, the doctor just wanted to be safe.  So a sonogram was done...the tech asked Melony what her doctor had told her about the earlier sonogram. "Well, I asked him to be sure there was only one baby in there".  Hmmmmm...
It was decided that Melony should have a different type of sonogram...based on the tech's findings.  We knew that they were at the ER, so I texted Melony, told her we were  praying for her and the baby and to call me when they were finished.  I wanted to be sure that all was OK.  A few minutes later I got text #1 from Jason...Mom, they are doing another sonogram....text #2 - uuuuuuuuhhhhh, they found another heartbeat. I'm thinking, how sweet, twins. text #3 - Mom, there are three...WHAT? are they sure?  text #4 - Yeah.    Jason if you're joking this isn't funny !! No joke Mom....we're having triplets !!

Triplets....oh boy !  Now the fun begins.  It will be a few more weeks before the ultrasound that will  tell us how many boys and how many girls.  Doesn't really matter to us... grandbabies all the same.  Three more sets of arms and legs...three more little hearts and minds...three more little lives that God has shared with us, blessed us with...three more little souls to love, love, love.
Hopefully, in the next few weeks I will be able to post pictures of the sonograms...

We are blessed,  so blessed...praise God for the wonderful and exciting things that He adds to our lives.

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