Sunday, March 10, 2013

Several months ago I mentioned that our son, Jason and his wife Melony, are expecting triplets. Well, she is in her 31st week now, and has been on bedrest for about 6 weeks. Melony and the kiddos are doing fine.  Each of the triplets weighs right at three pounds and are very active. One loves to bounce around on Mommys' bladder, while the others seem to think that her rib cages are jungle gyms. Melony hates bed rest, sitting with her feet propped up, doing nothing; but knows it is best for the babies.  They need to bake a little longer, and we are praying for 34-36 weeks at least.  There are two boys and a girl....Wyatt, Morgan, and Piper Genevieve.  Their immenent birth is anticipated, well, because they are loved, and we want to know who they look like, and it will get their Mommy back into go gear ! Did I mention she hates bed rest ?

Three months

Over the past month or so, Melony has made a couple of trips to  Obstetrical observation at the hospital.  She did spend a couple of nights so the doctor and the nurses could keep an eye on her. She was having some pressure, and contractions. She is getting closer to the end of her pregnancy, and so far these episodes have not been of great concern to the doctor.
Twenty seven weeks
30  weeks

We continue to pray for these little ones and for their Mommy and Daddy.  The triplets also have siblings awaiting their arrival.  Big brother Jacob, and sisters Cheyenne and Brooklyn.  Yes, that makes six....again...we continue to pray for Mommy and Daddy !  For their finances and their mental health !  I'm teasing, and they are excited about the huge changes about to happen to their family  The next few weeks will be a whirlwind I'm sure, but as soon as we have little ones, you can bet there will be pictures posted...everywhere.  After all,  a new grandbaby is a new grandbaby....triplet or not !

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