Monday, October 31, 2011

Today, is Halloween...don't "celebrate" Halloween, but I will hand out candy if someone knocks on the door. Haven't had many at the door in the past several years, mostly because the local churches are doing such a great job with the Harvest Festivals and Trunk or Treats.
Three weeks ago, hubby and I took off for a few days and drove to Floydada, Tx for their annual Pumpkin Festival. Now if you're going to Floydada, get a map or a GPS, cuz you are not going to "just drive by". You must be going there on purpose or you will never find it. It is about 50 miles from Lubbock, out far enough that you think you must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. But then you see the signs, and realize you must be about there. Floydada is a product of the oil boom earlier in this century, and not much going on there now a days, but still quaint and the Pumpkin crops are a highlight to their year. Assister's Farm has pick yer own patches, as well as a store where you can buy some that they have picked, saving your shoes from getting ruined in the mud. You can also find a warehouse full of pumpkins, all 42 varieties, and road side farm trailers full of every size, shape and color. The Festival is on the town square with vendors selling food, and crafters with tents and stands selling everything from cutsie tu-tus for your little princess, to wooden carved cars and trucks for the little man in your life. They had a John Deere tractor engine that cranked out buckets of pumpkin ice cream, and home made peanut brittle that I had to drag my hubby away from before he ate all that they had in stock.
But I do believe that one of the best parts of our trip was the sweet little motel that we stayed at...The Bunk House. Clean, convenient, and cozy. The couple who run the place have made it the only place in town to stay. There are three restaraunts in town, Dairy Queen, Leonard's Cafe, and Subway. There are several restaraunts actually listed, but these three are the only ones we found open.
A very interesting weekend, and a much needed rest for both of us. Texas has so many of these little towns and festivals throughout the year, it makes it difficult to ever leave our favorite state. I am attaching a few pictures from our drive out west, and of the beautiful pumpkins we found. Have a wonderful week, and may God bless you and yours.

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