Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Today is November 2...about two weeks into the Fall/Holiday season. The beginning of November seems to appear so quickly..always finding me surprised that the year is going by so fast. Usually in January I begin the year with "I have 11 months to get ready for the Holidays, and this year I'll be ready", or "by November 1 I want to have all of Thanksgiving/Christmas planned and presents bought". Ha! It never works out that way and I am suddenly surrounded by decorations, bustling crowds and an impending feeling of "I know I have forgotten something". This year...I won't...I won't get caught up in the nonsense and madness of a commercially ruined holiday season.

Let's just start with November, and we'll save December for it's own set of concerns. November 1...the beginning of a thankful season. We have so many things to be grateful for, but seem to be in such a hurry towards Thanksgiving Day that we forget to enjoy the days before. Today I am grateful for a Heavenly Father who blesses me throughout the year. He is my only salvation, and continues to love me even when I am very unloveable. On November 3rd, I am thankful for a beautiful grandson, whose incredible blue eyes can melt your heart,and a mind that is sometimes so "scary smart" that I am amazed God rolled so much intelligence into such a little boy body. Happy Birthday Finley.

I will try over the next few weeks to remember to blog about the wonderful things of our lives, and of our world. We all have the same planet,with the same beauty. We just have to look around our little corner of the world to find those things to be grateful for. I know that it is difficult to do sometimes, but God will provide you with the most abundant blessings, in sight, sound, emotions, friends, and family. Look closely, that little annoyance may be a little gentle reminder that things could be a whole lot worse.

Have a wonderful week, oh, and I almost forgot...I am very grateful for you.


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