Tuesday, June 19, 2012


My name is Linda. I am a wife, Mother, and Grandmother....rather Memaw. I have three children and nine grandchildren. It seems like yesterday that my oldest son and I were crawling around on the ground, following a caterpillar. Now he has an 13 year old son. When we marry, we hardly expect to become grandparents. That's something that we don't even take into consideration. Once the kiddos come along, you don't have time to think about anything, much less their procreation. Between ball games, homework, and bath time your every waking moment is filled.
I chose to be a working Mother. I wanted to help my husband put a roof over our heads, and buy the little odds and ends that kids like to have. Bill supported my decision to work, and made every effort to help me with the house and the kids. Now he's a Papaw and has decided that this was worth all the work. It makes my heart swell everytime I see him hold one of those babies in his lap. He coos and talks to them and loves to make them giggle. With our children he coached soccer, reffed soccer, watched every baseball game, and instructed every practice that the boys and our daughter ever participated in. He bathed those grimy little fingers and toes on many an occasion. He rubbed their heads at night to help them fall asleep.  Children are our legacy, and they should be treated with all the love and respect that they deserve.

As each of our children were born, I watched my parents as they became grandparents.   Mother loved them to pieces, but had raised her own children and did'nt go out of her way to incorporate them into her life. But my Dad...that was a different story. My children and my brothers' children became life and breath to my Dad. He had been forced into early retirement due to his health issues, and had a lot of time he wanted to fill. Taking them home with him for afternoons of story telling, trips to the Dairy Queen for ice cream cones, and giggles...lots of giggles. When the kids started school, he would pick them up and spend the afternoon helping make memories that have stood the test of time. I only hope to be half the grandparent that he was. Dad passed on in 1996, never to have seen a great-grandchild. In his absence, we have made every effort to make memories with our grandchildren. I want them to have wonderful, happy, irreplaceable memories..with giggles, overwhelming giggles that bubble up with the memory of their Memaw and Papaw.

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.  I John 3:18

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