Monday, November 19, 2012


It's countdown time....Thanksgiving week.  And the age old question is "Do I have everything"? Please tell me that I do not have to go back to the grocery store again...or to Walmart.  Went to Wally World this weekend to pick up some of the things that I will need for Thanksgiving dinner. When I walked thru the door, I wondered what in the name of all things Turkey, am I doing here?  People crowding the isles, most of whom were not buying food of any kind, but just wandering around, lookin'...Good heavens people, this is a terrible time to be just lookin'.  You are blocking the way of many (me) people who have an agenda,  a schedule (just wanted this to be over), people in a hurry to get what they need and GET OUT OF THIS STORE !!

Sorry,  I'm having an attack just thinking about it !  Well, finished getting the groceries for the few things that I have to on to the really big thing....we are having Thanksgiving with my husband's sister and her their home...all 1300 square feet...with 50 or so relatives. Where are we going to put these people ? We have a table in the dining room, a table on the patio, the children's table on the second patio, TV trays, and my personal favorite,  the RV.  Does any of this scream redneck to ya'll?  Oh, I'm just kidding...and I am so thankful that they have offered to have dinner at their home. There is a park across the street for extra parking and a playground for the little ones. And of course, the RV...which I have decided will become my hide out when things get nuts....oh, and it will get nuts !

Last night, my sister in law asked if I was going with her to the Black Friday sales...starting at midnight on Thursday. I said I would, but I'm gonna need a nap on Thursday evening. We will probably fall over in a heap after a few hours, but it is fun.  Store sales, who can get the best deal, who will fall over first...laughs, bargains, and time spent together with family & friends. We will share these memories for years, and every year say, "I'm not doing that again",  but we do.

Not sure why we do this, but I would rather get all this commercialism out of the  way. I would like to get back to the real reason for the season, CHRISTmas. If I get my shopping out of the way, I hope to be able to go to the church children's choir program, see the beautiful nativity downtown, the story of the birth of Christ, and being very grateful for all the blessings that these things bring. ....for God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall have everlasting life.

Wow, now that is a gift worth more than gold or silver...worth more than any gift you may ask for. 

God Bless you all, and I am praying that you will have a beautiful, blessed Thanksgiving !!

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